About Us


Gaia Plant Co. is a husband and wife company owned by Melissa and Nio. The company was established in the summer months during the pandemic and is based out of San Diego, CA. 

Melissa is full time portrait photographer and is an entrepreneur at heart. Early 2020, she began building her plant collection. Her entrepreneurial spirit founded Gaia Plant Co. with her husband.

Nio is active duty and has been serving our country for over 13 years. 



Melissa has always loved Greek mythology since she was a child therefore named the plant business in honor of the Greek Goddess, Gaia. Gaia is the goddess of the Earth and is described as the giver of dreams & nourisher of plants.

Gaia Plant Co. is based out of San Diego and operates in east Chula Vista. The company started selling via social media and the business hit the ground running. They decided to move their business onto a web platform, to make it easier to service their customers.


Every plant is hand selected, inspected & sprayed with insecticide for preventive measures. As soon as a plant is purchased, we prune and clean the leaves before it goes to a new home.

We strive to provide healthy, beautiful and well maintained plants that you can enjoy in your home.